Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goodbye, Michael Scott

Tomorrow TV fans will say goodbye to Michael Scott. My guess is that the great and wonderful minds who bring us The Office will give him quite the emotional send off. Why, just last week they made me tear up with that one song from that one musical... hey I'm TV expert, not a Broadway buff. But whilst you're holding back tears and attempting to hide your quivering chin tomorrow night, remember one thing:

Michael Scott was, like, the worst boss ever.

It's no secret that I can be overly attached to a situation on screen, so you can imagine that Mr. Scott has made me leave a room or two over the past seven seasons. So, while everyone else is doing "The Best Of" lists, I give you here, the worst moments of boss behaviors brought to you by Michael Scott.

5. He hit one of his employees with a car. He hit one of his employees with a car.

4. Michael convinced Dwight Schrute, his most loyal employee, to give him urine. Michael was afraid he would fail the company's random drug test, so he pressured the morally superior Dwight into cheating for him. This led to Dwight resigning as a volunteer sheriff's deputy. Let's face it, Dwight doesn't have a whole lot going for him, and yes, Michael tried making up for it by making him in charge of security, but the absolute torment Dwight went through during that episode, though entertaining, showed just how selfish Michael could be.

3. After attending a perfectly good, PC, company mandated diversity class (because Michael couldn't understand why he wasn't allowed to repeat Chris Rock's jokes), Michael felt it didn't go far enough. It didn't push any buttons. It didn't force anyone to really face their racist tendencies. More likely in a ploy to really seem less racist himself in comparison, Michael created a "game" where each employee wore a card on their head with an ethnicity/nationality/stereotype and they were required to treat each other as they would if they were actually that "race." It was a disaster. Especially when Kelly, who had missed most of the day due to actual work and therefore had no idea what was happening, was approached by Michael in an attempt to show everyone how they were supposed to act in this game. Take a look how that went. And keep in mind this was the first season before Kelly underwent her "character makeover."

2. Michael "outed" one of his employees. After calling Oscar an offensive name as a joke, then finding out that the word was even more offensive because Oscar was gay, Michael blabbed about it in front of the entire office. That's bad all in itself, but then, in an effort to show how "ok" he is with homosexuality (and how ok everyone else should be with it) he kissed an unwilling and disgusted Oscar.

1. Basically any moment with Toby. I get it, Michael is all about having fun and Toby is the HR Rep whose job is to relegate such fun keeping to what's considered appropriate, but man Michael gets mean. When Toby left (for good, everyone assumed) Michael gave him a special gift; a rock with a Post-It note that read "Suck on This." Harsh. Also, stating in front of the entire office that you "hate everything that you (Toby) chose to be" is a tad uncalled for. Let's also not forget when he tried to frame Toby for drug possession with oregano.

PS- I have my favorite Michael moments too! My absolute fave moment? When Michael grilled his foot on a George Foreman Grill.

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